Another Botched Sgraffito Pot


This pot came out really well, don’t you think? It’s one of my tallest to date, too–about 7 inches high. And it looked terrific after bisqueing. I was really excited to see it glazed and fired. And here’s how it came out. All my hard work for naught. I used a too light underglaze color (purple) on a clay that produces obliterating speckles. Lesson learned? Stay away from sgraffito until having time to research how to do it properly.

Back to the drawing board. I need to create another of these pots if I can. Isn’t it cool? I feel like I need a genie.


Author: photoeclectia

I have been a photographer since I was a young child, at first as a documenter of events. I still have my first Brownie camera and all the out-of-focus, sloping pictures I took with it. As the artist in me emerged, the camera came to replace the paintbrush as my tool of choice as I explored photography as an art form. Cameras and photography have changed quite a bit since my first Brownie camera, and I'm still enjoying the ride. With this blog, I'm joining a few others in a "one photograph per week" challenge, or should I say project, for that is what this will become. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, and then you break free. Please join me on this adventure, and let me know which images work for you and which don't. Critique is always welcome. And please visit to see much more of my work.

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